Piaceri D’Italia Finocchiona Salami IGP

Piaceri D’Italia Finocchiona Salami IGP

A cured sausage made from the finely ground pork meat from pigs raised in northern Italy, Finocchina is as rich in history as it is in flavour. This cured delicacy is well seasoned with the landscape of noble Tuscany: garlic, black peppercorns, and of course fennel seeds, its unique flavouring agent, and its production dates back to the Middle Ages. Finocchina is best served thinly sliced alongside a traditional Italian antipasto.

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Piaceri D'Italia

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crumbled pepper, fennel flowers, fennel seeds, Garlic, ground pepper, Pork meat, Potassium Nitrate, saccharose), sodium ascrobate, sodium nitrite. Casing not edible., sugar (dextrose, salt

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2 x 1.5 kg