Why Choose Italian-Made Cheese Over Local? 

The answer is simple: terroir. Italy’s set of environmental factorsair, soil, terrain, etcoffer a beautiful uniqueness that is unmatched here in North America. This is all reflected in the foods they produce, especially fresh cheeses.

Keeping in mind their short shelf-life of approximately 3 weeks, the best way for us to enjoy these products at their peak of freshness (without traveling to Italy ourselves) is to have them regularly flown in.

Our constant objective is to seek and represent unique, quality products from all over the world. This allows us to be a growing force in the food industry today and tomorrow.

The Program:

Fresh cheese products are produced in Italy and immediately air freighted straight from the farm to our warehouse. Shipments arrive every two weeks. 

How It Works:

Pre-order your selection, and product will be shipped directly to your establishment.

Who is Eligible?

All JKO customers can participate in this program! Contact your sales representative for details and fly-in dates.

Our Current Fresh Cheese Offerings 

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