About Us

Jan K. Overweel Limited (JKO) is a private corporation that was established in 1947 as an importer of Dutch products. Today, we proudly produce products for our own heritage brands: EMMA®, Milano®, Casa Italia®, Piaceri D’italia®, Duero®, Cortina®, Cedarvalle®, Oak Manor®, 1128 Made in Portugal™ and Table de Claire Thérèse across our local and international production facilities.

JKO is transforming the food industry with its ‘One-Stop Shopping Experience’ with a wide variety of food sourced and produced not just locally but throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America, and the U.S.


Why Work at JKO?

We continue to conduct business using the same basic values since our inception over 60 years ago.

With over 300 employees across Canada, US, and Europe, regardless of your location, you will experience an open-door policy and treated like an important contributor to our business.

Do you thrive off being innovative and implementing change?  Our corporate culture is very open and fast-paced, with a philosophy to be vertically integrated across all our business units.


Hungry to work here?  View below for current Job Openings.

Purchasing Coordinator