About Us

Jan K. Overweel Limited (JKO) is a private corporation that was established in 1947 as an importer of Dutch products. Today, we proudly produce products for our own heritage brands: EMMA®, Milano®, Casa Italia®, Piaceri D’italia®, Duero®, Cortina®, Cedarvale® and Oak Manor® across our local and international production facilities.

JKO is transforming the food industry with its ‘One-Stop Shopping Experience’ with a wide variety of food sourced and produced not just locally but throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America, and the U.S.


Why Work at JKO?

We continue to conduct business using the same basic values since our inception over 60 years ago.

With over 300 employees across Canada, US, and Europe, regardless of your location, you will experience an open-door policy and treated like an important contributor to our business.

Do you thrive off being innovative and implementing change?  Our corporate culture is very open and fast-paced, with a philosophy to be vertically integrated across all our business units.


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Toronto Head Office

Zadi Foods Ltd. Location



Employment Benefits

Aligned with industry standards, it’s a plan for your needs.

Growth for our employees is important. Investing in our employees is investing in our company.

Everyone has different needs and we have an assistance program to support you in your time of need.

We are thankful for our employees and it is important to us to recognize those who go above and beyond.

All our employees are our consumers too
so it’s key that everyone gets to purchase our delicious menu of foods at a discount.

Employee Recognition Award Program

JKO has in place an Employee Recognition Award Program across our owned Manufacturing facilities and our corporate offices which is designated to provide recognition for accomplishments achieved by employees that extend well beyond regular work duties and responsibilities. The Award seeks to highlight the excellence found across all areas and job functions by recognizing and rewarding extraordinary achievements on every scale for a single employee. Acknowledging employee accomplishments that help our business move forward and achieve our goals, targets and overall improvement. JKO also acknowledges employee service as part of the employee recognition program. 



Extraordinary effort during times of critical department need. Performance that far exceeds expected or required performance.

Innovative work or suggestions, well
beyond standard job requirements, that significantly improve operational
efficiencies, introduce a new or
modified business practice or improve
work process, workflow orcustomer service

Significant cost saving or cost avoidance realized beyond normally expected or established standards


Good Natured: 
Our staff need to be genuine and have a good heart.  People that will respect being treated well and will return that feeling to the company and its owner.  People that see the ‘glass as half full’.  Optimistic. Happy.

Hard Working: 
Simply put – having work ethic.  People who do not need to be to be told to finish tasks but do it because they find it rewarding.  A definite pride of workmanship.

Is doing the work that NEEDS to be done now – not just the work that you LIKE to do.  Staying organized. Planning. Being in control.  Looking forward rather than backward.  Doing things properly and ‘the right way the first time’.  Work that stands on its own – does not require an explanation.

The natural ability to raise issues when needed but more importantly to carry out tasks with minimal supervision.  Make common sense decisions to move tasks along.  Speak up in a group rather than waiting for a one-on-one moment.  A quiet confidence or an outward one – both are valuable.  We must be sure to avoid mistaking ego for confidence.

We expect our staff to take pride and ownership of their responsibilities and key projects.  It’s important for our people to feel empowered but to be empowered you need to show that you are truly engaged and are accountable for your work.  Accountability = responsibility, which will everyone and the organization successful.