Complaint Policy

Complaint Policy


Jan K Overweel Ltd is committed to its employees, agency personnel, students and visitors by providing the steps to be take in the event a complaint is filed by an individual against an employee or the organization. The policy is to ensure that Jan K Overweel will handle complaints fairly, efficiently and effectively. This policy provides the necessary steps to be taken by management once a complaint has been launched.



A statement that a situation is unsatisfactory or unacceptable


Jan K Overweel Ltd recognizes individuals may bring forward complaints about the organization or its employees. Jan K Overweel Ltd wants to ensure individuals with complaints are able to voice their concerns and following the proper process.


Complaint against an Employee

  • An individual (complainant) who has a complaint against another employee should try to resolve the matter amongst each other first before filing a complaint.
  • If the matter has not been resolved, the individual is to approach the following individuals in the order indicated:
        • Immediate supervisor
        • Manager
        • Human Resources
        • President
  • The employee must follow the proper process prior to going to the next individual as indicated above.
  • The employee and immediate supervisor shall be informed of the complaint immediately and shall have an opportunity to respond.
  • The employee shall put the complaint in writing by completing the Complaint Form by providing details of the incident(s):
        • What happened- a description of the events or situation
        • When it happened – dates and times of the events or incidents
        • Where it happened
        • Who saw it happen – the names of any witnesses, if any
  • In the event the employee is unable to prepare a written complaint, the Manager may provide assistance in preparing a statement, which is then signed by the complainant. The complainant shall be cautioned about potential risks of making a false or unsubstantiated complaint.
  • Supervisor is to acknowledge the employee’s complaint within (5) business days.
  • The investigator will notify the person(s) complained against (the respondent(s) of the complaint and provide the respondent(s) with a copy of the written complaint.
  • The investigator will, wherever possible, complete the investigation within (90) days of receiving the complaint.
  • The supervisor should do the following:
        • Listen to the complainant
        • Record the details of the complaint
        • Get all the facts
        • Investigate with all parties, including witnesses
        • Follow up
  • If the complaint cannot be satisfactorily resolved by the individuals concerned, the complainant should inform the Manager in writing.
  • If the complaint cannot be resolved by the Manager, the matter shall be dealt with by Human Resources.
  • Human Resources shall ensure a protocol for the investigation and resolution of complaints is developed and supervisors and managers are informed of the process.
  • If the complaint cannot be resolved by Human Resources, the matter shall be dealt with by the President. The employee will need to follow the order indicated prior going to the President.
  • A record of the complaint and resolution will be placed in the employee’s personnel file.

Organizational Complaint

  • Any Food Safety or Quality concerns involving company products shall be dealt with the Head Office Quality Department. The Quality Department will maintain records of any Food Safety or Quality complaints.
  • Any complaints made by an individual directly against the organization shall be filed immediately to management by the complainant in writing and must be signed.
  • Management shall try and resolve the concerns of the complainant and keep written and signed copies of complaints along with the steps taken to resolve the matter.
  • In the event that management cannot satisfactorily resolve the complaint, the complaint must be brought forward to the President who will determine the best way to handle the concern.
  • The President will keep a copy of the written and signed complaint, along with the steps taken to resolve the matter.

Complaints filed by an individual toward an employee or the organization will be handled immediately by appropriate personnel.


Protecting confidentiality and privacy is very important to the complainant and the respondent. Information about the complaint should only be shared with the respondent and certain information will need to be shared with the witnesses of incidents that they may have been involved in or have knowledge of the allegations.
All records of complaints and investigation records are considered confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone except to the extent required by law.


Individual(s) who bring forward a complaint and anyone taking part of the complaint process should not face any reprisal. In determining the appropriate consequences from the findings of the investigation, Human Resources will take into consideration the violation of the policy, it’s severity, and whether the individual has previously violated the policy.


The complainant and the respondent will each be provided with a decision regarding the outcome.



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