Piaceri D’italia Pancetta Coppata Sliced

Piaceri D’italia Pancetta Coppata Sliced

Pancetta Coppata uses both the shoulder and the belly of pork. The belly, “pancetta” is rolled around the shoulder meat, “coppa”, lightly seasoned and aged for approximately 35-45 days. The intensity of the coppa is offset by the delicate fat of the pancetta, harmoniously balancing the flavour and texture of both delicious meats. Pancetta Coppata can be enjoyed with simple accompaniments like toasted breads, or mild cheeses that will enhance the distinct flavour of the meat, rather than mask it. This product is pre sliced and packaged for your convenience.

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dextrose, Flavouring, Pork meat, Potassium Nitrate., Sodium ascorbate, Sodium nitrite, Spices, salt

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