Piaceri D’italia Antipasto Classico Sliced – Trio Pack

Piaceri D’italia Antipasto Classico Sliced – Trio Pack

The Antipasto Classico consists of three of our carefully selected cured favourites: Genoa Salame, Prosciutto Crudo¸and Coppa. They are ready to lift and serve on a charcuterie board or in a perfect panino. This product is pre sliced and packaged for your convenience.This product is pre sliced and packaged for your convenience.

Genoa Salame is a cured Italian sausage made from ground pork, lightly flavored with spices and generously marbled with tiny pockets of fat. Genoa is the standard addition to the favorite Italian panino and an upscale pizza topping. It can also be baked as “crisps” which offer an exciting textural dimension, that pairs exceptionally well with a sparkling drink.

Prosciutto Crudo is the dry cured hind leg of a pig. Crudo refers to a production process that does not involve the application of heat to cook the meat, it is hung instead in a temperature-controlled cellar for approximately 10-12 months to cure. Highly appreciated, and one of the most respected of Italy’s cured meats, the savoury, yet delicately sweet flavour of prosciutto shines alongside fresh or dried fruits, cheeses, Preserved Vegetables, and as an addition to various recipes.

Coppa is a traditional Italian dry cured meat made from the pork muscle that runs from where the shoulder meets the neck and aged between six months to a year. The flavour is intense and savoury. It holds its own when paired with a selection of pickles, where the concentrated flavour of the meat effectively compliments the acidity in the pickled vegetables.

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Curred Ham: Pork meat, dextrose, Natural flavouring, Potassium Nitrate, Potassium nitrite; Salame Genoa: Pork meat, Salt. Coppa: Pork meat, Sodium ascorbate; Sodium nitrate, Sodium ascorbate., Sodium nitrate, Spices, salt

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