EMMA® Grana Padano Wedges – 300g

EMMA® Grana Padano Wedges – 300g

Grana Padano is a hard, cow’s milk cheese produced in the valley of the Po river, in Northern Italy carrying the D.O.P. designation. Grana means “grain”, effectively encapsulating the texture of the crystal-like, and crumbly cheese. Grana Padano is also made entirely from partially skimmed milk which speeds up the process of maturation to 16-20 months, resulting in a softer, more subtly savoury flavour rather than its saltier counterparts. For this reason, Grana Padano works brilliantly in recipes, either grated or shaved, to enhance the flavour of the dish. This product is broken down into 5 kg pieces for your conveninece.

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Cow's Milk (unpasteurized), lysozyme from egg white. Contains milk and eggs., Rennet, salt

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10 x 300 g