Piaceri D’Italia Speck

Piaceri D’Italia Speck

Speck is a lightly smoked, dry cured ham from the North Eastern region of Italy, close to the Austrian border. The combination of traditional smoking techniques of Northern Europe and the typical curing process of the Mediterranean are what give Speck it’s unique salty/smoky/sweet flavour. It’s used in a number of traditional Northern Italian and Tyrolean dishes and is the main component in “Marende” – the typical South Tyrolean snack platter consisting of Speck, local cheeses, pickles, and fresh bread.

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Piaceri D'Italia

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dextrose, Natural Beech Wood Smoke., Nitrite Curing Salt (Sea Salt, Pork meat, Potassium Nitrate, Sodium Nitrite), Spice extracts, Spices, Sugar

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