Picaron Prosciutto Di San Daniele

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Prosciutto San Danele is the cured hind leg of a pig. It carries the prestigious I.G.P. symbol indicating the authenticity of the region in which it is produced in Northern Italy, more specifically: the province of Friuli Venezia Giulia.
Weighing in at approximately 6.5 kg per leg, Prosciutto San Daniele is a lot larger than its Parma counterpart, and aged for less time. This imparts a flavour that is less salty and more subtly sweet. The texture is soft and delicate with a fattier, buttery finish, because unlike Prosciutto di Parma, San Daniele is aged with the trotter still attached, sealing in the fat. It can be recognized by the “SD” stamp on the rind, as well as coding representing the breeding farm, slaughterhouse, and production start date. Slice paper thin and enjoy alongside traditional Italian Antipasto. It pairs beautifully with fresh fruit, cheeses, and bread.

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