About Us

We Shop the World to bring you the finest and most innovative food products from around the globe.

Here at Jan K. Overweel Limited (JKO), our cheeses, deli meats and grocery items are all chosen for their quality ingredients and delicious flavours. These distinctive products come from areas throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America, the U.S. and Canada.

A private corporation that was established in 1953 as an importer of Dutch products. Today, we proudly produce products for our own heritage brands: EMMA®, Milano®, Casa Italia®, Piaceri D’italia®, Duero®, Cortina®, Cedarvalle® and Oak Manor® in our local and international production facilities. We also represent many other brands within our extensive portfolio.

One-Stop Shopping Experience
JKO is transforming the food industry with its ‘One-Stop Shopping Experience’ offering a wide variety of food sourced and produced not just locally but throughout the globe using the same principles that were established over 60 years ago. Bringing top quality products and best-in-class service to our customers through a commitment to maintain and grow our global network of partners, producers, distributors and retailers in the food industry.

With offices in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver and our one-stop-shopping philosophy we provide our customers the best of all worlds, quality products and excellent service that is second to none. We pursue our commitment by maintaining and continuously developing a global network of partners – producers, distributers and retailers who work with our team to bring those products to the market. We are committed to the development of a self-controlled manufacturing base for the products that we merchandise.

Our constant objective is to seek and represent unique quality products from all over the world. This allows us to be a growing force in the food industry, today and tomorrow.

A Message from our President
Over the past 50 years our family of employees has helped to develop a national Canadian organization with offices and distribution centres in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver. Our sole intent is to offer you the best products the world has to offer. Whether the product is a national brand in the country of origin, or is branded under our family of brands, EMMA®, CORTINA®, and/or CASA ITALIA®, you can count on the top quality of each and every product. Our corporate philosophy is “WE SHOP THE WORLD” and we will continue to travel and search for the best products the world has to offer.

Jan K. Overweel Limited prides itself on treating all employees with the highest degree of respect. We believe that this allows our employees to utilize their skills to meet our customers’ needs and our organizational needs in the best way possible. Our corporate wellbeing rests on the fact that decisions are made not only for today’s results but also for their long term implication in developing an organization committed to providing superior products and service to our customers.


Patrick Pelliccione, President


Let Your Tastes Travel Further.