1128 Queijo Flamengo

1128 Queijo Flamengo

Flamengo is one of Portugal’s most popular cheeses. Responsible for the creamy, melty goodness in a “tosta”, or sandwich, this mild and buttery cheese is made from cow’s milk and is very similar in flavour and texture to a Dutch Edam. In fact, the name Queijo Flamengo translates to “Flemish Cheese” as a nod to their Dutch comrades. Flamengo cheese is excellent for melting and belongs between two pieces of toasted bread with some thin slices of ham, otherwise known as a “tosta mista”. Not indulgent enough? Try it melted over a Francesinha , an iconic, knife and fork sandwich with decadent layers of ham, sausage and roasted meats bathed in a beer-based tomato sauce.

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1128 Crafted in Portugal

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allowing good cut into slices., firm in the form of paving, Milk product, subject to normalization pf fat and heat, treated by pasteurization. Produced by continuous process in close tanks with automatic filling in multimolds. Folder fat cheese cured semi-hard

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2 x 2.2 kg